Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday - No Stress Chess

So I mentioned Monday that our family is learning how to play chess.  PB and I have wanted to learn how for a long time because he enjoys strategy games and I've always wanted an excuse to by a fancy chess board. (Totally valid reason I think.)

Because chess isn't something you pick up in an evening (and since Doc Brown is giving us every indication that he shares the same wiring as his father) we got off our fannies and bought No Stress Chess.  

I have terrible short term memory so I assumed there would be no way I would remember what all the pieces do and where they go.  But seriously, a monkey could learn how to play chess using this system.  I am learning how to play chess using this system.

The chess board is two sided so you start out playing on a marked side that tells you exactly where to put the pieces.  You also get cards with pictures of all the pieces that tell you what they can and cannot do.  We've officially moved to the unmarked side and no longer use the reference cards.  Actually, our kids were ready to graduate before we were.  They were very proud of us when we flipped the board.  Truthfully, we flipped the board and the kids set it up for us.  After that it was every man for himself.

I got cocky on the airplane Saturday and decided to play chess against the onboard computer.  I got creamed.  Many times.  I take solace in the fact that at least the computer had to "think" a couple of times before reaching checkmate.  I take my victories anywhere I can find them.

The point is I'm learning - we're all learning.  Even my four year old is getting into it.

There's all sorts of information out there about how good chess is for developing memory, organizational and reasoning skills.  That's all fine, but we're just enjoying family time on the floor with the TV turned off.  

If it helps me remember where I left my car keys, then that's great too.

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Steph said...

My hubby plays chess and I always have wanted all four of my girls to learn to play...WELL. Keep going! I think I'll get him to teach them. Hey- I am not sure you jumped on my blog lately but I closed it for awhile to take a break. (whew) Will let you know if I start back up. :)

Cheryl said...

this sounds good! I've wanted to learn, Rod and kids sorta know... it's not too late for us!

(Your word verification is joinatic... humm...)

Anonymous said...

What a terrific game. . . several of my children play chess and this is the perfect way to teach the younger kids the game. Thanks

Tiffany said...

I should get this. The kids have been wanting to learn and they know some basics but that's about it. I can play but I'm really bad and don't enjoy it. I think if I were a little better it could be fun. Maybe I could give this to Ollie as a Christmas present...He's really, really good at chess and has actually told the kids that they could have a dog if they ever beat him at chess. In light of that thought, maybe I shouldn't get it for him. I should get it for me and then the kids and I can learn and get good behind his back and beat him!

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

I used to play chess against my brother, as a kid. He always won. Thanks for reminding me how good it is for my brain and fun.
Thanks for the comments on the ped egg. It really does work, for me.

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