Friday, December 26, 2008

Just call me the spokesperson for the Office of Misinformation

A couple of days ago Doc Brown and I went out for pizza on a mommy/son date.  As we began to eat Doc asked me where pepperoni comes from.

"Um, I think it comes from pigs."  

Silence.  Chewing.

"Mommy, how does the farmer get the pepperoni out of the pig?"

Silence.  I stopped chewing.  Now here's my dilemma: do I give my son and those dining around us a graphic description of how that yummy piece of pepperoni made it from Babe to Doc's pizza?  Or do I lie and say "I don't know"?

Here's the best response I could come up with: "Well, honey, I've never actually seen a farmer get pepperoni from a pig."  What my answer lacked in information more than made up for in truth because (thank God) I really never have seen a slaughterhouse before.

I thought I was in the clear when Doc got quiet for a few moments (I should have known better).

"You know what, Mommy?  Maybe pigs have the same things that cows have that squirt out the milk.  And maybe there's a special one for pepperoni."

If this was supposed to be a teaching moment then I failed because instead of going into the finer points of the livestock process from farm to grocery store I said...

"Boy, would that be something?"

I'm hoping he never asks me where hot dogs come from.


Luke said...

Ah, the dilemmas of being a parent [smile].


Momto3 said...

Sometimes kids can throw you for a loop. Our oldest asked at age 4, "When is God's birthday?" And he meant what day and year was he born. Try explaining that one:)

Tiffany said...

That was probably smart on your part. He'll figure out the truth soon enough. Ollie is usually brutally honest concerning questions like that and Joe spent a few months as a total vegan as a result. Seriously.

Cheryl said...


Annie said...

or babies and how they get into the tummy.

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