Saturday, December 27, 2008

Thank You List Saturday - The Best Christmas Present EVER

PB has given me a number of wonderful presents over the years, but this year he outdid himself. It was an over-the-top, lifetime get out of jail free pass kind of gift.

Over the past several weeks PB and the kids have been making a movie chronicling our life together. The movie began with my baby pictures and ended with pictures and video taken of the kids just last week.

For 30 minutes I watched the screen with tears in my eyes as I relived some of the sweetest moments of my life. Pictures of PB and I in our dating years, our wedding, the birth of our children and the sound of their sweet voices over the years. The kids helped select the background music and even did some voiceover narration.

A couple of years ago Doc Brown went on his first camping trip with PB. I've saved an answering machine message Doc left for me on that trip. I have another message Doc left from a day at Disney. I've refused to erase those messages and have worried about losing them if the answering machine dies. PB was able to add both recordings to the video. He got a bunch of kisses for that:)

I'm so thankful for my thoughtful husband and my children who were so enthusiastic to participate in this project. Above all I'm thankful for all the beautiful memories we've shared together and yes, I've already told PB I'm expecting a sequel next Christmas.


Cheryl said...

what an awesome and thoughtful gift! how cool was that?!

Momto3 said...

That is a gift to last a life time. That will be fun to have for life.

Sue said...

Awwww! How sweet!

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