Thursday, December 11, 2008

Peppermint Bark... Yes or No?

Help, please.

I'm going to bake some treats for the kids' Sunday School teachers for Christmas.  I want to bake something super yummy and rich, not just something to take up space in a cellophane bag.  A bland and dry cookie just doesn't seem like an appropriate thank you for ministering to my kids all year.

I've seen some recipes for peppermint bark but I've never eaten any so I don't know if that 's what I want to do.  It seems appealing because it looks easy to make in bulk - that'll come in handy because the kids have 15 teachers in total.

So, who's tried peppermint bark and what's your verdict?  Delicious or nasty?  Or do you have another recipe recommendation?

Thanks for the help!


Just Me said...

Um..what's peppermint bark? It sounds yummy! Is there chocolate involved?

Cheryl said...

it's yummy. it's good in the evening and goes great with coffee so it's good in the morning too! I'm not a fan of mint chocolate but it's different than that.

Sarah said...

I love peppermint bark... wish I was one of your kids' teachers. :-)

Tiffany said...

I have never made peppermint bark but I honestly don't think it would be hard at all. You just melt white chocolate and throw in crushed candy canes right? Here's my easy-peasy favorite Christmas treat to give--
Take Snyder's little square pretzels, put a hershey's kiss on top, bake them in the oven (170 degrees) for 4-6 minutes until the kiss is just softening. Then stick a red or green M&M on top, smashed down a little and let them cool. They are festive to look at, easy to make, and DELICIOUS!
One more idea--I just made this yesterday and it was ridiculously easy and was well received at theatre last night. Pop popcorn (1/2 cup in a popper or 2 bags of microwave popcorn), melt 6 oz. of white chocolate, pour it over the popcorn and toss with some red and green sprinkles, let it dry and bag it up.
Let me know how the bark turns out if you try it. I may want to give it a shot.

Momto3 said...

I love peppermint bark. I have never made it though. I would go to they have recipes for just about everything. Enjoy!

Kris said...

I like peppermint bark even though I don't really care for candy canes. But... because I'm not a candy cane fan, it took me a bit to give peppermint bark a try.

It is a neat idea and it is tasty. It would also be unique.

Tree Climbing Mom said...

Peppermint Bark it is. Thanks for your help and Tiffany, I'll be trying that other recipe for my own consumption - sounds awesome!

Just Me said...

Yummy! I found a recipe that calls for dark chocolate on the bottom and then a layer of white chocolate! Will definitely be trying this one!!!

Just Me said...
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