Monday, January 12, 2009

Farewell 24 (sniff! sniff!)

I love Jack Bauer.  He's the ultimate action hero.  As the saying goes, "Superman wears Jack Bauer pajamas."

I love his tough to the core, don't mess with me attitude.  Anytime a bad guy tortures Jack I wanna say, "dude that's going to come back to bite you in the fanny" (because I like to mix 80's slang with mom-speak when I address fictional characters).

PB does not share my love of 24.  You see my husband, the Star Wars fanatic, finds 24 unrealistic.

Anyway, on to why I can't watch 24 anymore.   I literally cannot watch it.  If I watch it in the evening I can't go to sleep for a good three hours afterwards because I get too ramped up from the stress.  This would lead to weekly sleep deprivation and unlike the mighty Jack Bauer I cannot function without sleep.

The obvious alternative would be to TiVo 24 and watch it during daylight hours.  But the kids' nap time is growing ever shorter and I promised myself that I would be more productive during that precious window of time.  Alas, sitting in front of the TV peaking through my fingers at the latest in torture techniques does not qualify as productive.

Of course, I could always watch it while my kids sit on the floor playing with Legos.  "Mommy, why is that man breaking that other man's neck?"  "It's okay honey.  That's Jack Bauer and if he's breaking somebody's neck I'm sure they had it coming."

So that's it.  Good-bye Jack.  May the next 24 hours find you tough as ever and alive at the end.


Cheryl said...

funny! we were HUGE 24 fans when we started checking them out with Netflix. we lost some interest the last season but watched the season opener last night... we'll see if we keep up. With our military and police backgrounds, I was ROLLING with your dialog to the neck-breaking!

Luke said...




Smith Schoolhouse said...

when you said farewell I thought you meant the show was ending. Good for you to be so disciplined.
funny about 24 not being realistic but Star Wars.

Andrea said...

I had to do the same with CSI - got to be too gruesome! Thankful that Bella's numbers are improving.

Tiffany said...

I've only watched one season of 24, I watched it on DVD and so could watch back to back episodes. Wow--it was so intense. I set up a little tv in the kitchen and would watch while cooking, doing dishes, etc. I would find myself looking for reasons to work in the kitchen just so I could watch. Once I finished the season (in less than a week I think) I didn't start another one. Way too intense and addictive.

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