Tuesday, January 13, 2009

PB makes a special guest appearance

Sort of.

PB emailed me yesterday after he read my post about 24. His response cracked me up and for those of you who haven't met my hubby here's a great introduction:

Thanks for dissin' me on your blog (yes, PB says "dissin'" and I say "dude"... we're a match made in unhip heaven). My dislike of 24 goes much deeper than the fact that it's unrealistic (it is) but I also don't have the attention span to watch something that goes on for a season without resolution. I have a very complex, finely tuned matrix-of-reality scale. Kind of like a bell curve. Something that's only slightly unrealistic (like Die Hard) is acceptable. (Die Hard makes the "slightly unrealistic" category. Go figure.) Something that is completely unrealistic (like Star Wars, I mean the creatures alone make it completely unrealistic) is acceptable. Something that is very unrealistic (clearly he doesn't listen to conservative talk radio) with realistic characters (um, really?) and sort-of realistic situations (okay, maybe he's been listening to a little bit of talk radio) and realistic settings. Nope. Doesn't pass.

My favorite part of his e-mail? He opened with:

Do you have American Idol TiVo'd for this week?

I love the hubby. Even though he sporadically applies the concept of willing suspension of disbelief and has an odd assessment of what is "realistic", he shares my fondness for vapid reality television.

And I'm a sucker for a guy with a complex, finely tuned matrix-of-reality scale.


Luke said...



Cheryl said...

nothing wrong with Star Wars... I could watch it again. 24 is good, exciting and not THAT far-fetched ;) but American Idol?? I've yet to be able to sit through a full show!

Tiffany said...

He's so funny!
I don't even know what a matrix blah blah blah scale is.

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