Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My NO Thank You List

Last week when I mentioned to Obi Wan-da that we were going to see the doctor she said, "No thank you." It reminded me of my nephew, Sweet Boy, who cracks me up. When his mom and I are in the swimming pool we'll ask him if he wants to join us and he'll shout "No!" and then run across the backyard to the swing set.

That got me to thinking about what I'd like to say "no thank you" to and the things I'd like to shout "No" at and run away (maybe not to a swing set, but perhaps to get a chocolate milk shake).

Oh, if only I didn't have that censor mechanism between my brain and my mouth that comes with adulthood. (Sadly, it only forces me to be polite. It does NOT keep me from saying stupid things.)

So here's my NO Thank You list top ten:

  • the cooties I seem to have caught from Obi Wan-da

  • folding laundry

  • the shoulder press machine at the gym

  • icky dude who doesn't wipe down the machine after he uses it at the gym

  • guys in sleeveless shirts

  • bathing suit shopping

  • that one guy Christian radio is in love with who drives me crazy (PB once changed the station when one of his songs came on and explained to the kids "no whining about Jesus" Amen!)

  • playgrounds at fast food restaurants

  • my annual appointment with the lady doctor

  • potty training (we're done and I NEVER want to do it again)

It's just a rough list and I'm sure there's more, but what do you want to say NO Thank You to?


Cheryl said...

brussel sprouts

Andrea said...

I love that! I say "no thank you" to migraines and back pain.

mary grace said...

Oooh, oooh! I want to play! I say no thank you to Oli's visitation this week and to painting my bathroom!

Tiffany said...

I say No thank you to Joe's daily fits about school work.
He actually told Ollie that he does a great job with school after he throws a fit. Ugh!

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