Saturday, January 17, 2009

No more procrastinating

It's Saturday and here at Tree Climbing Adventures that means "Thank You List Saturday". I usually try to get this post up first thing in the morning, but I've been putting it off all day.

I'm not feeling very thankful today. I'm feeling sick. And tired. And sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. Have I mentioned I'm not good at being sick?

So I've been avoiding this post because I don't want to do a flowery post about how thankful I am for something that I'm not really thankful for. The problem with that attitude and the thing that's been chasing me all morning is that in Colossians 3:15 we're not commanded to feel thankful, we're supposed to BE thankful whether we feel like it or not.

I'm trying to figure out what that looks like in practice. I think it means acknowledging the truth of the blessings I've been given and the One who's given them to me. So here's a list that's come to mind in the process of writing this post:

I'm thankful that I live in a town with great medical care within a very short drive

I'm thankful that my husband still has a job that comes with a quality health insurance plan

I'm thankful for parents who live nearby who are eager to help with the kids when I'm sick (or healthy for that matter)

I'm thankful for a husband who knows how to operate both a dishwasher and washing machine so that I'm not stuck with a pile of dirty dishes and clothes when I get better

I'm thankful for a husband who took yesterday off of work and did school with the kids so now Doc is only two days behind instead of three

Okay, I think my pity party is coming to an end (my family will be so thrilled). I'm still feeling sick, but I can sense that my disposition has changed quite a bit in just the few minutes it took to write this post.

I think I'll add "helps remove stick from fanny" to the list of benefits of having a blog.


Andrea said...

Feel better soon!

Cheryl said...

I've heard at the HD this is a nasty germ that's making the rounds. Pray you recover quickly.

Sue said...

Hey, I have the CRUD today...poor, poor pitiful me. Too bad nobody takes care of mommy the way she takes care of them.

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