Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Now where has she seen THAT before?

The other day while Doc Brown and Obi Wan-da were playing Doc covered himself with a blanket and ran around shouting, "I'm a monster".

Obi Wan-da jumped up, drawing pad in hand and chased him yelling, "I'm a monster with a list!"

I might be paranoid, but I believe the correct psychological term for my daughter's response is "modeling".


Cheryl said...

just wait till you see your teens start modeling certain behavior and you think... "that looks/sounds/is different coming from them"

I bet they were cute!

Luke said...



Bro said...

This made me just about spit out my drink. That's HYSTERICAL, Lori.... and something I suspect Annie will 'model' one day herself! I already have to try hard not to laugh when she mimics me shaking my head 'no'.

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