Thursday, January 29, 2009

Random Thursday Thoughts

My brain is a bit mushy this morning with a few random thoughts just kind of sloshing around in there:

I don't like my new haircut.  I love my hairdresser and I don't think this is entirely her fault.  It's probably more a matter of bad direction on my part.  Regardless, my hair remains in one of two states: either just one small step away from a very bad hair day or smack dab in the middle of one.  There's no such thing as a good hair day with this cut.  There's frizz, there's layers sticking out... it's just weird.  And bad.  Grow, baby grow.

I have a new and irritating task on my to do list.  I have to look for new homeowner's insurance because XYZ insurance company is completely dropping all their homeowner's policies in my state because they didn't get approval for an across the board 47% rate hike.  (I'm thinking that even with approval we would've walked after the increase.)  But, bless their sweet souls, they will continue to cover automobiles.  Yeah.  I don't think so.  We'll be taking our cars with us to whoever wants to insure our house.

I really wish the bearded physics major on Tuesday's American Idol could sing.  I think he would have been a lot of fun to watch.

So apparently Jack Bauer killed someone, buried them and had her dug up and brought back to life?  Is that right?  I'm thinking PB would mock that.  But I would've like to have seen that.

That's enough rambling.  I'm off for my walk so my hair can get even frizzier in the humidity.


ann marie said...

No, no, no, he only pretended to kill her, but then he was forced to bury her and then he called Bill and Chloe and had them dig her up and give her a shot of adrenline (I have no idea how to apell that word). So the whole thing was totally plausable and acceptable. I hope that cleared up any confusion.

Cheryl said...

bad haircuts, gotta hate 'em.

I actually know what you're talking about on AI... the kids started watching it this season.

Jack told her before he shot her to trust him, and then he just "grazed" her with the bullet. Then he and Tony buried her with a sheet of plastic over her, then somehow, he called Chloe to let them know where, and she and what's his name arrived but the agent had kinda suffocated by that time, so they gave her a shot of something (you know, probably adrenaline) to revive her so she could eventually forgive Jack and probably fall in love with him (at least that's what I'm predicting) and continue to fight the bad guys. How is that far-fetched??

Cheryl said...

lol Ann Marie!! we have to make sure she keeps up right, right?

Andrea said...

Bad haircut = hats. Enjoy your walk. I wish it was warm here.

Lisa said...

cool...chia pet hair. Now you're going to start looking like your big sister.

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