Monday, February 2, 2009

Want to freak out your kid? Buy him a fish!

A fish tank may very well be the worst Christmas present ever for a 6 year old.

This weekend Doc Brown told me that he's worried that his remaining fish, Water, will die.  I told him that as much as I wish could tell him that Water will live forever, he won't.  That all living things die eventually.  

My response wasn't so much about wanting teach Doc that life is fleeting, but about not wanting to be bit in the fanny by a lie if Water goes belly up any time soon.

Yesterday I saw Doc in his room watching Water and drawing a picture of him.  You know, just making sure we have documentation of Water's life before the funeral.

We should've just bought him an Optimus Prime.


Andrea said...

My older two boys would like to have lizards - haven't gone there yet. We have a dog that will be 12 in March, that's enough for me.

Sue said...

You know, we have a fish that is still alive, but has been floating belly up for more than a year. My kids now say, "the fish is floating belly up again, I think he's gonna die." I wonder if it's because we've had so many visitors inform us that they think our fish is on his way out? Anyway, Optimus Prime falls to least he did in our house, and I am daily contemplating a "burial" for him. I miss you.

Cheryl said...

lots of thoughts going on there, huh?

Smith Schoolhouse said...

fish can be a pain. I hate it when my kids win them at the fall carnivals.

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