Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I wonder if the numbers all go to eleven

I think a man's car says a lot about him.

PB and I met in college and when he picked me up for our first date I was thrilled to see that he drove a very used car with a rusted bumper.


Because I took one look at that car and knew that he had bought that car himself with money he had worked for.  The fact that the car was a very dated sedan also told me he wasn't one of those guys who needs a sports car to feel manly.

It's seventeen years later and nothing has changed.  PB's car is 12 years old and approaching 200,000 miles and he intends to drive that thing until there's no life left in her.  She's started to display some aches and pains, but we're optimistic she'll hold on a little while longer.

Her most recent ailment seems to be a defunct stereo system, but PB has that taken care of:

I'd say that's pretty good redneck engineering for a yankee.

P.S.  Extra credit to the people who know the origin of this post's title!


Cheryl said...

you know I have to comment even though the title isn't ringing a bell! remember the post of Jake's truck (with the PET) bumper sticker)... yep, the boys learned early about this! I wish I could remember about the the title but my brain, my brain!

Andrea said...

PB reminds me of my hubby!

ann marie said...

i'm thinking the numbers all go to 11 when it's driven into the ground and the milage thingy busts. I can totally relate to this post. I currently drive a Toyota and plan to take into the dust. Oh, I can't even begin to comment because this will be too long, I may do a post on the car Greg drove when he met me. I hope you don't mind me copying you.

Luke said...

That moment in Spinal Tap cracks me up!


Tiffany said...

I love your new look--so fun!
We like to drive our cars into the dirt too. Hondas will go forever!

Elle said...

A friend told me that she was trading in her minivan (just like mine) because it was just about to hit 100K miles. Really? I didn't tell her how long ago that milestone was for us. Sheesh.

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