Monday, March 9, 2009

My continuing education in boy-ness

Evidently all boys are born with at least one bizzare talent. There was a boy named Burt in my 3rd grade class who could wiggle his ears and another boy who drank milk and made it come out his tear ducts. My nephew can touch his nose with his tongue.

My boy has his own stupid human trick.

Doc's discovered he can make his eyeballs shake.

Yes, I did my motherly duty and told him that if he's not careful they could get stuck like that.

I'm sure my warning would have had more impact if I hadn't screamed and said ewwww when he did it.

Now he just enjoys doing it to freak me out.

Boys are weird.


Andrea said...

Amen sista friend! Try having 3 of them in your house! Wait until he hits puberty - air freshener time!

Just Me said...

Oh MY GOODNESS!! You're right...boys are weird. And then they grow up...and become weird MEN!!! It's amazing how you can spend a whole dinner conversation discussing who can burp the loudest!!! LOL!!!

Cheryl said...

I use to be able to make my eyeballs shake too... I can't anymore... yes, for some reason I recently tried.

Luke said...

All my efforts to develop that ability failed.

Sad times. [smile]

We boys are weird.


Julie @ blessedwithfive said...

boys ARE weird - I have four of them and they are all weird in their own way!

Elle said...

The doing something to freak the mom out--yeah, that's the part that keeps me coloring my hair.

And the bigger they get, the more freaking out that seems to happen.

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