Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Weekend Update 1

I hate putting up posts with generic titles, but I just got back from a mini-vacation and have mushy brain this morning.  

I also have a case of allergy induced conjunctivitis which is basically skanky old pink eye, but somehow it feels better to clarify that it is allergy induced.  Don't worry... I won't show you pictures of that.  I'll keep my nasty eye to myself.

How about a picture of some beautiful children instead?

We spent a wonderful weekend in South Carolina visiting my sister and her family.  We're fairly convinced they live in Mayberry.  Think lots of friendly people, front porches that actually get used and children that say m'am.  

This is the only picture of Ma Bell and I that made it through our screening process.  PB was forced to take a million of these so I felt the need to put at least one on the blog so his efforts wouldn't be in vain.  Poor guy had to listen to lighting debates and discussions of multiple chins as well as take specific direction on which parts of our anatomy were NOT to be included.  Aren't sisters the best?

I'll be posting more pictures over the next couple of days (lucky you!) and sharing some of my favorite stories, including my decidedly Baptist children's first experience with communion - Episcopalian style.

It's a great story, but you'll just have to wait because I really need to get some schooling done.  Have a great day!


Andrea said...

Looks like fun! Hope you feel better soon - my younger 2 are dealing with allergies.

Elle said...

SC is some of my ole' stomping ground. I agree, there are several Mayberry-ish towns there. We used to live in one too. Sometimes I miss it. Like right now.

Hope the allergies are quickly re-duced.

Lisa said...

2 weeks until it's our turn...I CAN'T WAIT!!!
Thank you for posting the pics...more, pretty please.

Cheryl said...

great pics!

hope you get better soon.

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