Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Weekend Update 2 - Our Adventures in Ecumenicalism

I love my sister's church.  Love it.  If I lived in Mayberry, SC I would joyfully join her church because it's a body of believers who love the Lord and is led by a priest who faithfully (and skillfully) teaches the Word.  

It's a great church.

However... we currently attend a baptist church.  Prior to that we attended a non-denominational church so our kids have no experience whatsoever in a liturgical setting.  And since they go to Sunday school and kids' worship they have very little "Big Church" experience period.

On our way to visit my sister's church PB and I talked to the kids about what they could expect during the service, including communion.  We explained that at the end of the service we would all walk to the front of the church for communion, but since they haven't been baptized yet they should cross their arms over their chest so the priest would know not to serve them the elements.

Not hard, right?

Doc crossed his arms over his chest the entire length of the aisle.  I'm guessing just in case a priest jumped out of one of the pews with a goblet.  Then when we got to the front of the church Obi Wan-da completely balked at kneeling on the bench.  The priest very kindly leaned forward and blessed her even though she gave him one of her vintage "Dude, I am NOT buying" looks.

All this after PB and I spent the first part of the service having my sister hold our hands as we juggled our bulletin, hymnal and Book of Common Prayer.  

Yes the Bumpkin family got themselves some churchin' on Sunday.  Apparently we don't get out much.

But oh the tears as I watched my children receive their blessing.  Seriously, the baptists need to get in on the blessing action because that was just beautiful.  And couldn't we all use more blessing in our lives?

Okay, so that's a breakdown of Sunday morning.  Tomorrow I'll show you pictures of how we spent Sunday afternoon and just so you know it was the high point of our trip.


Andrea said...

We attend a Methodist church and have communion once a month. My older 2 participate in it but Ethan doesn't yet.

Kaycee said...

My kids have never been to church and I just started going. It's nice to read posts like this so I know what to expect too.

I'm still checking out different denominations and once I decide which one suits us best I will take the kids. I'm afraid they would just pick the one with the coolest playground.

Cheryl said...

cute Kaycee!

So funny! oh my... I can just picture the priest jumping out from a pew... I've been to church with my mother-in-law, who's Lutheran, and can picture all you're talking about.

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