Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thank You List Saturday - Happy Accidents

I had a hair appointment yesterday to touch up my roots and fix the hair style that was making me look like a human pyramid.

I mentioned to my hair dresser (I'm not fancy enough for a stylist) that I wanted to tone down the color because last time my red was more an unflattering shade of magenta.  While she was rinsing me out I heard the dreaded gasp.

Is there anybody who wouldn't have a heart attack when they hear someone gasp after a dye job?

Turns out she was gasping because the sticker on the bottle with the color code was mislabeled.  What she thought was "Cherry Cola" was actually "Moss" and while in a normal world "Moss" would imply green, it was actually light brown.  (Note to the person who named a brown hair dye "Moss".  In Florida the last thing you want in your hair is moss.  Ever hear of red bugs?  Nasty.)  

THANKFULLY, I love my new color.  It's a warm shade of brown and I don't look like a walking advertisement for Crayola.


Cheryl said...

I'm sporting lots of grey because I actually like the color of my hair (where it isn't grey) and afraid getting it dyed would be no going back... I tried it once, disaster, it WAS magenta... not just a shade, and when the sun hit was punk before punk was cool. My hair doesn't seem to react well to chemicals... perms turn into poodle head, dyes baffles even the hair dresser... scary. Sometimes it's just best to let people think I don't care!

Becks said...

A Gasp is NEVER a good thing! :) Glad it turned out well! My hair was a bit to close to Magenta as well, but thankfully my new hair girl has toned that down :)

Andrea said...

I tried to get red highlights, and my stylist processed my hair twice! Never took; I stick with blond highlights.

MoziEsmé said...

lucky you!

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