Friday, March 13, 2009

Weekend Update 3 - Fields of Gold

I always loved the intro to "Little House on the Prairie" when Mary and Laura came skipping down the mountain surrounded by flowers and little Carrie did a faceplant because she tripped on her dress.  We had our own little Ingalls moment last weekend and it fulfilled one of my Mommy fantasies.

After church on Sunday we went flower picking at a daffodil farm.  A really generous family has acres of these beautiful flowers and at the end of the season opens up their farm to the community and lets people come in and pick all the flowers they want for free.  

This is my boy skipping through a field of flowers beneath a beautiful, blue sky.  It was a little piece of heaven.

PB was in heaven watching his little girl picking flowers.  (Please excuse my VERY white legs in the corner.  Clearly I need to use more Jergens.)

This is my brother-in-law "Emeril-imbo".  There wasn't any way for me to NOT post this picture.

The only thing missing that day was Pa Ingalls crying in the background (but PB may have come close).


Andrea said...

I love that! Looks like so much fun.

Kaycee said...

What a fun day. I totally would have posted that picture too.

Cheryl said...

dafodils are a favorite! beautiful!

Just Me said...

MY favorite part of living in North Georgia...being able to plant Daffodils! We are driving up there in a few weeks...but I fear it will be too late to see all the ones I planted at our old house! Sigh...

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