Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Is she considered delusional if she honestly didn't know better?

Yesterday I took Obi Wan-da to the pediatrician for a well check-up.  She had a grand time chatting up the doctor and was even excited over the prospect of shots (it's been a little while since her last well visit so she's forgotten that she's ever had shots before).

"Just like Doc!"  Doc got all 4 of his 5-year-old shots last month so Obi was thrilled that she was big stuff like her brother.  (He's 6... like I said, I got a little lazy with the well check-ups).

Somehow Obi missed the part about Doc hating his shots so she just sat on the table swinging her legs while she waited for the nurse.  Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised because I figured she was going to create a big scene.

It was pitiful to watch her face go from a big smile to disappointment to wide-eyed realization that shots hurt.  Afterward she told me, "I thought shots weren't supposed to hurt."  When I asked her who on earth had told her that she replied, "My self."

By the way, whatever she lacked in pre-shot drama she's more than making up for now.  She looks a little decrepit as she nurses her arm (which is not swollen or red in any way).

She's already worked up about those 5-year-old shots and I don't think she's telling herself they won't hurt.


Andrea said...

I always have to look away when my boys get their allergy shots and vacinations. Yucky!

Cheryl said...

maybe her optimistic little self will forget by next year!

Kaycee said...

Oh, that's so sweet. I tell myself lot's of things, but I don't think it makes me delusional. Naive maybe?

I don't know, she's just hopeful and optimistic.

Elle said...

That's one big moment of, "Bless her heart."

It's the face of disappointment that gets you. Her answer though was precious.

Truly, may that spirit of seeing blessing in events hold her true to how God works.

Becks said...

aww poor girl!! :) i'll never forget when i was like 7 they promised me i didn't have to have any more shots till i was 15. They lied.. :)

Tiffany said...

I have an award for you over on my blog!

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