Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My daughter's astute weather analysis

Yesterday I woke up to the sound of our weather radio screeching about a big storm 2 counties away so I responded like any normal person by rolling over and slapping at whatever buttons I could find to shut it up.

A couple hours later it fired back up to alert me that the big bad storm was now in my county and that some tornadoes had been spotted heading in our general direction. Tornadoes have always freaked me out because beyond duck and cover there's not a lot you can do when one hits. I like my disaster response plan to include more than my arms for protection, but maybe that's just me.

Anyway we spent the next little bit watching the local news while I explained to the kids what tornadoes are and what our plan would be if one came our way. As I cleared out a space in Doc's closet Doc asked me where we'd put the fish and the dog. Well, honey, we'll just have to pray for them.

I know. I'm a heartless, heartless mother.

Meanwhile Obi Wan-da was walking around the house rehashing what tornadoes do when they pick up cars and trees, "So that's what tornadoes do Mommy, they suck."

Yes they do honey, more than you know.


Andrea said...

I have never liked storms and always freak out when I hear about a Tornado Warning/Watch. Obi Wan-da is correct!

Becks said...

hahahaha :) i love it.. "we'll just have to pray for them!!" ok i guess i'm heartless too.. but that just cracked me up!

Cheryl said...

my little dog didn't leave my heels as I was walking around yesterday looking out at the skies while the TV was screeching and warning. All 3 kids were out on their own so I did some praying for sure!

Tiffany said...

I hate tornadoes too. I've always been terrified of them. I agree wholeheartedly with Obi-Wanda!

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