Friday, April 10, 2009

Some Real Tree Climbing Adventures

One of the first things we noticed about our house when we bought it seven years ago was the big honkin' oak tree in the backyard.  It's an awesome tree for climbing and I've had visions of Doc scaling its branches ever since we brought him home from the hospital.

The initial mount requires some height and agility, but once you get past the base of the trunk it's a child's dream come true.  

Yesterday Doc made it up into the tree on his own for the first time.

He's already drawing plans for a treehouse.

Obi Wan-da was inspired to begin training in the grapefruit tree.


Andrea said...

Love that! We have one big tree in the front but the boys haven't tried climbing it - the branches are not too thick.

Cheryl said...

that is one awesome oak... love it! it probably won't be long before Obi wan-da thinks about a rope ladder....

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