Sunday, May 10, 2009

As happy as a pig in slop...

Muddy Buddy was way too much fun.  I'm happy to report I did NOT fall off my bike.  My family knows what a big deal this is since I am not much of a bike rider and oh, by the way, we were riding over sand for a lot of the course.

Here's a picture of EC and I before we made our way to the start line (sans makeup and I'm not even sure I brushed my hair).  

This was also moments before my sister warned me about the hazard signs on the course.  Hazard signs?  Are you kidding me?  I cannot emphasize enough my lack of balance on a bicycle.  Seriously.  I don't need any additional hazards... I AM a hazard on a bicycle.  And yet, again, I did NOT fall off my bike.  Hallelujah!

Actually, the biggest hazard of the day was the heat.  I'm not sure what the exact temperature was, but the day's high was 95 so I'm thinking it was in the mid-eighties.  Our wave didn't get started until 8:30 and it was hot, hot, hot.  The organizers grouped the teams by age level with the teams with the youngest combined ages starting 2 hours before us.  Can I just say how wrong that is?  I'm thinking the young, competitive types should have had to hoof it when it was hotter.  What a bunch of pansies.  I could have bounced through the course too if I wasn't worried about heat exhaustion.  Not really about the bouncing, but it sounds impressive, doesn't it?

Anyway, after six or seven (I'm still not sure) miles of running, biking and obstacles (mini rock wall, climbing up a cargo rope, and a balance beam) we got to crawl through the mud.  I have a much greater appreciation for pigs now because that mud felt good after sweating like, well, a pig. 

And now, here is our lovely after picture.  I should mention that we had to wear bicycle helmets for the entire race, even when we weren't on the bike.  We looked like giant q-tips running in a race. 

No, I didn't change into a black shirt... that's my light blue shirt covered in mud.  It took one hose down, one dip in the pool and 2 showers to get the mud off.

We're already planning for next year.


Lisa said...

oh. my.
the "after" really does look better than the "before".
how dreadfully frightening.
"Before" picture aside, I'm so glad you risked life and limb to do the race with was a BLAST! :)

Elle said...

Okay. I am so impressed, I might actually get up off the couch and do a crunch or two.

Really. I just might.

Seriously. You rock, girl.

Cheryl said...

me too! way impressed! you guys had to have fun!

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