Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Implosions leave an impression

So last month PB took Doc and Obi Wan-da to go watch a local building be imploded. (I'm sure there's a better grammatical approach to that sentence, but I don't have the brain power this morning.) We TiVo'd the news coverage of the event in case they weren't able to get a good view of the excitement (PB says they had a great view).

Doc watched it over and over again.

And again.

And through the wonder that is YouTube we were able to watch other building implosions. Over and over again.

So now Doc has decided that his dream is to be an "implosion boss" because we assume that's who gets to push the button. He's preparing for his future career by building buildings out of legos, couch cushions and blocks and then imploding them complete with sound effects.

Over and over again.

He also wants to buy some rebar. I didn't know what rebar was, but now I do.

On an unrelated note (I hope), a couple of weeks ago Doc came out with his piggy bank and asked if he had enough money to buy a horse. If we had the money I would have bought him one and stuck it in the backyard just because he was so sweet about it.

Last night he asked if he has enough money for a speed boat.

I think we'll just spring for some rebar. But I draw the line at dynamite.


Andrea said...

That's funny! Kids come up with the funniest things!

Cheryl said...

love it! I think it must be part of how boys learn!

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