Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Warning: I don't know how to refund time

This might be the most uninteresting post ever. In fact, you'll probably want your 3 minutes back when you're done reading it. I know I've been the laziest blogger ever so here's a recap of what's been going on here:

  • We started school yesterday with Doc doing 1st grade and Obi Wanda doing preschool work. We took four weeks off this summer which is one week longer than I had planned, but it was the right amount of time because I feel refreshed and the kids were ready to get to work. I'm oddly excited about studying geography with the kids this year - I'm hoping it will improve my sense of direction.
  • I decided to quit typing my daughter's name as Obi Wan-da and start referring to her as Obi Wanda. That hyphen has been bugging me for about a year, but once I commit to something I have a hard time letting go - even when it's a dumb decision. God's been showing me that He wants me to cut bait on some of the dumb decisions in my life so the hyphen is the symbolic shot across the bow. Pretty dramatic, right?
  • I went to the eye doctor last month and picked out new frames for the first time in 9 years. The ones I selected were kind of funky/trendy and I picked them out by myself so I spent the two weeks I waited for them worrying that I would look like Elton John in the "I'm Still Standing" video. Turns out they are pretty cool so I might end up wearing them more than I wear my contacts.
  • I just went to YouTube to upload the "I'm Still Standing" video and, uh, I must not have been very observant in the 80's. I'm not posting the video.
  • PB and I took the kids to see "Up" this summer and they totally freaked out over the dogs chasing Mr. Fredricksen and Russell so we left before the movie was over. We had to go back on a date night and finish it - I think I'll probably cry the next time I see a bunch of balloons.
  • We're so loving SYTYCD this season and I just don't know who my favorite is. Ade had an amazing solo last week so he may ultimately be the one I'm rooting for.
  • Hey, do you want to see a picture of my super cool, now I have to hang out at Starbucks glasses? Here's a picture on my sister's photo blog... scroll down because for some reason EC was more interested in the kids enjoying VBS than my glasses.
  • Did you know that when you slip and fall on a lego you can get a lego imprint in your chin? Did you know that imprint can last for a couple of days? It can.
  • I missed my one year blogging anniversary on May 24. It would have been a great excuse to make cupcakes.
And that's what's been happening in the treehouse.


Andrea said...

Sounds like you have been busy! Our summer is flying by - ugh!

oneblessedmamma said...

HaHa...I never knew that about Legos. They CAN however separate your nail from the skin it's meant to be attached to, and they can also totally cripple a full grown adult when you step on one in the middle of the night. I'm all for a delayed celebration of your blogging anniversary. You just let us know when to come for cupcakes, LOL.

Becks said...

I vote for belated cupcakes :) They make any day happier!

Tiffany said...

Good for you for getting an early start on school! You'll be thankful for that early start when the holidays roll around.
I love your new glasses!! Very cool. I am thinking about getting new glasses once the weather cools down and I am not sweating so much that the glasses slide right off my face!

Elle said...

I'm still unwinding from some family time where I found myself jettisoned back to 1982 the year I was 13--ugh. I found the time and the smiles that your reflections brought quite well spent.

Legos, the small ones, will also fit up a toddler's nose. I'm just saying.

Cheryl said...

great catch up! I haven't posted in 2 weeks or more... I made a deal (with myself) that I'd leave it alone till I caught up in some other areas, that didn't include checking others and commenting ;)

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