Friday, July 17, 2009

It's time for a new news cycle

I hate snakes. Seriously. With every fiber of my being I despise snakes.

Anytime we take the kids to the zoo PB accompanies the kids to the reptile pavilion while I wait on a bench. Would you like to know how I react when I see those guys who walk around at fairs with snakes draped around their neck? I gasp, I turn and I flee. If I weren't so freaked out I would pause to advise them that if they'd like to walk a pet they should really get a dog instead.

I can't even look at a picture of a snake without freaking out which should make teaching the kids about reptiles interesting. I wonder if "they're disgusting creatures and ridiculous pets" is too short a lesson? If so, I can add a study of "why it's a public service when Mommy runs over them with her minivan". Because I'm all about a thorough education.

The reason for my rant is that many mornings over the past three weeks I have been greeted by pictures of pythons on the front page of the newspaper. Apparently a guy's pet python got loose, crawled into a toddler's crib and killed a poor little girl while she slept. Horrifying. Totally horrifying. And newsworthy. I get that. I know my squeamishness is totally beside the point, but do we really need pictures of snakes on the front page of the newspaper? Above the fold? In color?

Because it's freaking me out.

The tragedy of this little girl's death is forcing local authorities to address our increasing burmese python population. What???? Yes, because apparently people are ordering these snakes over the internet (have they never heard of Netflix??) and after figuring out what an idiotic idea it was they release them into the Everglades (awww). What they don't realize is that those awful things don't stay in the Everglades. They begin to travel NORTH. Which leads me to the picture that greeted me this morning:

The image of a python after it had consumed a 6 ft alligator.

And exploded.

I hope the photo editor enjoyed his breakfast because I most certainly did not enjoy mine.


Elle said...

The snakes are okay by me. But imagine your horror of snakes being mine when it comes to alligators and crocodiles. And then, we're an even bunch of squeamish, screaming girls.

Andrea said...

I'm with you! I can't stand going in the Reptile house at the zoo. Actually, I think Ethan has picked up on my fear since the last time we were there he asked me to take him out of there fast!

Cheryl said...

I'm okay with snakes to a certain degree... that doesn't include crazy people who can't seem to understand big snakes living in a house with small children isn't a good thing.

You'll be glad to hear our little Lucy doesn't like snakes either and rid our yard of one just this morning.

Just Me said...

My brother had horrible our pets included: rat snake, boa constrictor, garter snakes, all kinds of lizards, and..wait for it...a tarantula! The only furry thing we had...the mice we fed to the snakes. :) I waited until he no longer resided at home to get my first real pet, a cat.

Dana said...

I am so with you on this. I can see a picture of a snake and have nightmares for days. People keep trying to counsel me out of this "irrational fear". I do not think it is irrational to have a fear of something is harmful. And if it is, I'm okay with being irrational.

That news story was horrifying, so horrifying.

PS: no everglades for me!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I have such a phobia of snakes....I hate the thought of them....but love your blog.

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