Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The cooties followed us to NC

I prayed about many things as we got ready for vacation.  Chief among them quality family bonding time (check!), safe travel (check!) and good health (not yet!).

Doc Brown hasn't acted like himself for the first three days of our vacation.  (He's still asleep, so I'm not sure what day four will hold.)  Mr. Curious about EVERYTHING didn't want to do ANYTHING, was very sleepy and started complaining about a headache.  

Initially, we wondered if he was homesick or burnt out from the long car ride, but a 101 degree temperature confirmed that our boy is sick.  A quick call home to the grandparents for prayer last night yielded our best evening so far.  Doc Brown started getting color back in his cheeks and started to get some of that spark back in his eyes.

We'll play close to the cabin today and hope he's gotten this behind him so we can show the kids there really is a reason we drove this far (and not just for fancy baths and indoor laundry!).


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