Monday, June 23, 2008

We're Here

12 very peaceful car riding hours later and we've arrived in Maggie Valley, NC.

The super cheap cabin we rented is beautiful and spotlessly maintained.  The kids are already calling it "home".   Obi Wan-da was most impressed with the jacuzzi tub after she went for her first "swim" in it.  Last night she prayed and thanked Jesus for the big bathtub and asked Him if she could please have another bath tomorrow.  Doc Brown couldn't get over the indoor laundry room.   That's sad, right?  The only thing sadder is that I'm right there with him.  As much as I love our 60's style home complete with outdoor utility room, I'm loving being able to do laundry without running outside.

You know there's beautiful mountains and creeks here, and so far my kids' favorite parts of vacation are a bathtub and and a washing machine.


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