Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It's Feast Time

I'm often asked if my kids get along because of their age and gender difference.  My stock answer is that they typically play very well together, but I would describe it as "feast or famine".  When they are getting along, they are really getting along.  If they're not, well, look out.

We've had a busy week between VBS and visits with various friends and family so Doc Brown and Obi Wan-da haven't had much time alone together.  On our way home from my parent's house today they asked if they can plan together this afternoon.  They never have to ask for this, if we're home they just play together.  But we haven't been home.

It struck me that they must have missed each other and my heart just swelled with joy.  I'm blessed with a very close relationship with my sisters and I pray that my kids will enjoy that same kind of bond.  From the sound of the laughter, dropping legos and various sound effects in my son's room, I'd  say they're on their way.

So I'm just going to sit here in the family room and listen to the feast in the back of the house and thank God that with all their differences my kids like each other, they really like each other!


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