Friday, September 19, 2008

I'm not a prophet, but...

I'm making a prediction and I sincerely hope I'm wrong.  Here's what I assume I'll be posting on Monday:

After last week's excitement of 4+ theme park visits and late evenings my children are:
a) sick
b) cranky
c) comatose
d) all of the above

It was totally worth it because everybody had a great time so I'm just going to:
a) suck it up
b) whine anyway
c) wine anyway
d) both b and c anyway

PB and I took the kids to MGM last Saturday and my dad took Obi Wan-da and Doc Brown to Disney yesterday (clearly my children will have no concept of the phrase "once in a lifetime trip to Disney").  We're just going to keep the party going for the next two days.  My dad, my nephew and the kids and I are headed to Cypress Gardens today and tomorrow we're going to have a big family shindig at MGM.  It's going to be nice to just have fun and forget about chores and play.

So, regardless of the repercussions we're going to live it up for the next couple of days and I'll bore you with lots of pictures next week!


chewhi said...


consider it "a time to laugh, a time to dance!"

oneblessedmamma said...

Hey, I heard you can get into Cypress Gardens for $5 on that true?

Tree Climbing Mom said...

Yes! $5 on Fridays for the month of September. Next Friday is the last one. Hope you guys can make it - it's worth the drive!

chewhi said...

do you have to have any other kind of ticket from another park, or is there another catch? or is that as is?

Tree Climbing Mom said...

No catch. Next Friday is the last day (and only on Friday). Tickets are $5. Oh and $7 for parking.

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