Saturday, September 20, 2008

Thank You List Saturday #4

The time has come to focus my thank you spotlight on the hubby.

PB is very supportive of my new blogging, oh I'll just say it, addiction.  He's just laid down 2 ground rules:
1.  He wants prior approval of any photos I post of him (whatever).
2.  I'm not allowed to use the blog as an excuse to avoid verbal updates about life up in my tree (that of course makes him wonderful and very unlike a lot of guys who would prefer written updates over actual conversations).

After today's post he'll probably want to add a #3 to the list - no spotlights on him because he's humble that way. 

I have a laundry list of reasons why PB is my favorite person on the planet.  For starters he's funny and not in an annoying would-you-please-shut-up-with-your-incessant-one-liners kind of funny.  No he's funny in the laid-back-not-going-to-take-things-too-seriously-so-I-have-funny-observations kind of funny.  That's the way better kind of funny.

He's also kind.  Really kind.  Genuinely kind.  With no ulterior motive kind.  That goes hand in hand with another quality... he's calm.  Not in a stupor calm, but peaceful calm.  I know God mixed the PB concoction with this quality at the top of the list of necessary ingredients for living with me.  You know that movie "The Horse Whisperer"?  PB is the Tree Girl Whisperer.

He's also exceedingly good to me.  He knows how important exercise is to my mental and physical health so he gets up extra early so he can workout and then fix the kids breakfast so I can exercise before he goes to work every day.  Roses make a regular appearance on our dining table and he's always quick to thank me for even the little things I do around the house.

Ever since I was a young girl I rattled off smart, fun and handsome as my list of requirements for my dream dude.  PB has all of that and then some.  He's also the big D.  DEPENDABLE.  I would like to give a course to young girls across America about the critical nature of this most underrated quality in a man.  Really.  I married a man who is true to his word and that's a whole lot sexier than a pocket full of cash.

Of course all of these wonderful things about PB are fruits of his faith.  He has an honest faith that is personal and real and lived out with nothing to prove to anyone.  I'm proof and my children are proof (I haven't even touched on what an amazing daddy he is).

I am so thankful I married this man.  I was just 17 when I met him and barely 21 when I married him.  In so many ways I have grown up with him and I consider our marriage the greatest blessing of my life.  


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Steph said...

Wow. Beautiful tribute. We just had the longest conversation yesterday about choosing mates wisely and all that can mean if you do or if you don't...sounds as if you DID! So where's the pic??? Get him to approve one so we can see his handsome self! On that one, how about one of YOU too???

Benny said...

I got tagged, so I am tagging you. You likely don’t know me, but I am a friend of Mary Grace’s.

You can see my blog at .

My name is Benny, by the way. Nice to meet you. ;o)

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