Sunday, September 21, 2008

My brain is very mush today

Two theme parks in two days will do that to you.

Friday's trip to Cypress Gardens was great.  It is very pretty, very little kid friendly and very well maintained.  Unfortunately, the economy and a challenging location are beginning to take its toll so if you live in Central Florida swing by and give them your money because this is a Florida treasure worth saving.

Doc Brown and I rode a couple of wooden roller coasters and my boy kept his hands in the air the entire time.  Meanwhile I was using my "mom arm" as a secondary restraint system. I'm not sure what exactly my arm would do to keep him from flying off the ride, but there I was with my arm across his chest the entire time.  Obi Wan-da had no interest in any of the rides, even those teeny tiny ones that go 2 mph in a circle.  I think I really traumatized her on the Rudicoaster.

We had a great time with my dad and my super cute nephew, Red.  It was very sweet watching Red and Doc Brown do the boy bonding thing.

Anyway, here's some photos from the day:

That's my first theme park trip report and it's all my little brain can handle right now.  Tomorrow I'll post about Disney, but here's a preview... 

sniff! sniff! sniff!


Becks said...

ok i love your boy, but we need to get him an yankee hat... :)

Tree Climbing Mom said...

Here's the really funny thing about that hat... He gets comments on it every time he wears it. The thing is he doesn't know who the Red Sox are and we don't care about baseball. He needed a hat and it was on sale at Target so I bought it. You should've of seen the look on the face of the guy who asked us about a late night score when I explained that to him:)

chewhi said...

nice photos!

love the "mom arm." Brad Stine does a great comedy routine about the mom arm.

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