Thursday, September 18, 2008

TiVo, my friend

I have a special relationship with my TiVo.  

I know it's an inanimate object, but how many things do you know that sit around storing up mental vacations in 1/2 hour blocks just for you?  Or happily stop what they're doing just so you can run to the kitchen for a potato chip chaser for your ice cream and then resume without complaining about making it wait?  Or will go back and repeat itself without rolling its eyes because you weren't paying attention?  Or isn't offended because you want to skip a third of what it saved just for you?

My TiVo and I are tight.  But I'm beginning to wonder if it's becoming an unhealthy relationship.  Because now I get irritated when I can't pause and rewind the radio.  What did he just say? Or pause my children and even rewind them when I'm feeling nostalgic.  Or fast forward to when PB gets home from work.

I think it's contagious, too.  The other night we were on the floor playing a board game when Obi Wan-da jumped up and said, "Can you pause it?  I gotta go to the bathroom!"

I know I should find that troubling, but please don't stage an intervention.  There's a new season of The Office starting next week, so if lovin' my TiVo is wrong, I don't wanna be right!


Tiffany said...

I don't have Tivo and if I miss it I have to rely on the internet to watch it and sometimes that's a problem. I am so excited about the new season of the Office. If they break up Jim and Pam though then I quit! I'm scared they are going to do that since he didn't propose at the end of the season.

chewhi said...

we just finished catching up watching it on netflix and I could NOT believe what Andy did. Since we have to wait until after the season to get it on netflix, don't tell me what happens!

Tree Climbing Mom said...

I can't imagine the writers would do that to me, I mean them.

Just Me said...

I love, Love, LOVE my DVR (same thing as TIVO, but comes with the cable)!!!! I almost refuse to watch anything that hasn't been recorded...I hate, Hate, HATE commercials!!! (especially the political ones!) In fact, I find myself trying to fast forward shows that haven't been recorded and James just laughs at me!!!

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