Monday, October 20, 2008

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Monday, October 20

Outside my window... it's dark and cool.  I can't wait to go for my morning walk - I might even listen to some Christmas music.

I am thinking... I need to find a balance between freaking out over the sheer certainty we're going to get behind in school over the next three weeks and being thankful we have some cool activities on the calendar.

From the kitchen... a big bag of apples on the counter so I can make some slow cooker apple sauce today.

I am wearing... my very comfy blue night shirt that has been stretched out nicely from two pregnancies.  It's  very roomy when you're not pregnant.

I am creating... a black shawl.  Ever since I started knitting/crocheting I've wanted to make one.  I'm finally doing it and am about 1/3 done.

I am going... to the Grand Canyon two weeks from tomorrow!

I am reading... John Piper's "Knowing God", but I haven't gotten very far because I keep having to re-read what I just read.

I am hoping... Obi Wan-da's late night last night will have no effect on her disposition today.

I am hearing... sweet, beautiful silence.

Around the house... lots of housekeeping that I've been avoiding.

One of my favorite things... my kids' bedheads.  I should be seeing them soon.

A few plans for the rest of the week... going to tea with a dear friend, letterboxing with another, and trying not to get behind in school.

Here's a picture I thought I'd share... 
I bought Obi Wan-da a couple of dresses and I guess she decided to go for the layered look!


chewhi said...

she is so cute!

Tree Climbing Mom said...

I think so, too!

Tiffany said...

If you find the balance will you tell me it's hiding place?

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