Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hello, old friend

Since the closing of our local Let's Eat! establishments (excuse me while I pause for a moment of silence) I've had to do some actual cooking around here.

This is not a good thing. Not because I don't know how to read a recipe or plan meals or go grocery shopping. I can do all of those things.

Motivation is my problem. And at 5:00 it's a BIG problem. As in your choices for dinner are:
A) PB & J
B) Grilled cheese
C) Pick your combo number 'cuz we're driving thru!

Seeing as how none of those options is particularly healthy and C will just make us both fat and poor, I needed to come up with an alternative.

That's when I remembered that I have a wonderful friend who is more than happy to help me with my problem.

She's been in the family for over a decade, but I've been neglecting our relationship in recent years. She's become a bit of a recluse hiding in dark corners. It's my fault because I never invited her out for dinner.

Now we get together early in the morning to make our plans for the evening and eat together nearly every night.

It might be wrong to feel this level of affection for an appliance (but not unusual for me... just ask my TiVo), but I love my crockpot.

I love her.

That's right, HER.

She's helping us eat moderately healthy and is keeping us out of the poor house. I think that warrants more respect than a simple "it", don't you?

I'm thinking of calling her Charlotte.


Andrea said...

I love my crockpot too! There's a good blog, http://crockpot365.blogspot.com/. She has a year of crockpot recipes.

Cheryl said...

lol! yep... i't so satisfying knowing dinner has been taken care of wisely!

Elle said...

Yep, fellow lover of crockpots here. A friend just emailed me a whole listing of links for crockpot recipes. Let me know if you want it.

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